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Our Mission

Our team of maritime cybersecurity experts is dedicated to providing tailored risk management services to protect your organization from cyber threats. We understand how important your organization's security is, so let us help you stay cyber safe and secure.

Our Story

Our team maintains visibility on the cyber attacks targeting maritime stakeholders on a daily basis. We also understand each of us specializes in a different aspect of cybersecurity, while our clients often need support across multiple cybersecurity disciplines. By teaming together, we realize we can better serve our clients while also making our services easier to procure when we are working together as the GMCC.

With centuries of combined global experience  across our Consortium, we love helping our clients tackle the cyber risk challenges facing them! Together we can provide best-in-class support for you!

  • With a team of industry experts, we have served in maritime-specific public and private sector leadership roles.

  • Advanced degrees and certifications, providing you with vetted cybersecurity credentials.

  • We have established successful cybersecurity programs and projects for multiple organizations.

  • Experience presenting cybersecurity discussions with business leaders as well as technical subject matter experts.  

Experienced Leadership

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